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West Street Cemetery

Also known as the Marshall Burying Yard

  In 1907 the City wasn't sure they owed this cemetery, it was a family yard previously own by the Marshall family. Click here to see the original story in the Fitchburg Daily Sentinel written in the January 18th edition.

  This is a small cemetery built on the side of a hill. We have many Revolutionary war soldiers here too. Our records show 114 graves, however there are only 55 stones. If you have information and photo's please help us and send the information along. You can send an email here.

  Shown, are a few photo's of the yard. These are very old stones carved by hand by craftsmen in the era. The same craftsmen found at the South Street Cemetery. People such as William Park of Groton (1705?1788), Moses Worcester of Harvard (b. 1739), William Young of Worcester (ca. 1711-1794), and John Dwight of Shirley (ca. 1740-1816).

 All the cemeteries are open from dawn to dusk everyday.

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