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Dogwood in pink

Japanese Maple

Shown with the Granite MARKER

Memorial Tree

A tree of remembrance!

Just a few examples shown. A great idea to  memorialize a loved one!

  In order to create and maintain the proper placement for a restful healthy and environmentally friendly area we need to select the tree type.

We include all maintenance and replacements for the life of the tree.

Also included is a solid granite marker with your inscription on a 6 X 12 inch area shown in the right side picture.

Go here to view or print the order form with prices and options included: PDF or DOC version.

Prices, options, and all the order forms can be found here! 

Fitchburg Cemetery Department ][ 115 Mount Elam Rd ][ Fitchburg, MA 01420 ][ office (978) 345-9578  Fax (978) 345-9686

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