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South Street Cemetery

This is the oldest of the six cemeteries we have here in Fitchburg.

  The South Street Cemetery is Fitchburg's first and only colonial burying ground. It is located on the south bank of the Nashua River at the corner of South and Walnut Streets. It was established in the 1760s on land given to the town by Amos Kimball (who is buried there)The oldest stone in this yard is 1766.

  One of the calmest restful places I have ever seen in the middle of a city. As soon as you step through the gate a switch turns on, and you end up transcending time. Although surrounded by roads and buildings this beautiful quaint resting place just takes you from reality into a distance past. The surroundings have just enough trees, and shrubs to remove you from the city.

  This cemetery was founded in the 1760's and is the resting place for many American Revolutionary Soldiers that served in Concord, Ma in 1775.

  You find yourself intrigued by hand made stones obviously made by talented artisans. A craft I am afraid may be long gone. Some of these craftsmen have been identified. People such as William Park of Groton (1705?1788), Moses Worcester of Harvard (b. 1739), William Young of Worcester (ca. 1711-1794), and John Dwight of Shirley (ca. 1740-1816). Thank you website.

All the cemeteries are open from dawn to dusk everyday.

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