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Laurel Hill Cemetery

This one of six cemeteries we have here in Fitchburg. This is the largest one built on a hill. This gives us some beautiful views, and forces the living to look up to the dead.

  In October 1800 it was voted to choose a committee to view and see if they can find a convenient place for a burying yard. Town records show the committee reported that the land belonging to a Mr. Blaney and Mr. Ephraim Kimball was suitable. This proved to be the beginning. In 1807 it was voted for the Selectman to inquire whether the town can procure additional land adjoining the new burial ground. Again, in 1842 it was voted to purchase more land on the westerly side. In 1848 the town purchased an additional lot attached to the westerly side. These properties all make up the Laurel Street Cemetery as it is today.

Just below are before and after pictures. It is deceiving and interesting. Take a good look!

All the cemeteries are open from dawn to dusk everyday.




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