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Honoring our Veterans!

   Below you will find three lists already correlated by Cemetery name, Veterans last name, and the war they were part of. This is an ongoing effort by the cemetery commission, so there are still a few holes and gaps in the information. Keep in mind we have worn stones, missing/damaged records, and record mistakes. This will continue to improve over the next few months, and will be updated as often as possible going forward. If you are looking for someone specific, and you can not find them on the list please call. It is our goal to leave no Veteran behind, and our privilage to honor them ALL!

   Every list has every one in it. This will make an easier start if you have a name, a cemetery, or the war they were in.

Click here for the alphabetical list by last name.

Click here for the list by cemetery name.

Click here for the list by war.

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