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Honoring our Veterans!

  It is our duty and privilege to honor our soldiers.

  We continue to strive and honor these hero's as they deserve. However with poor and/or lost records from the past, along with deteriorated stones we are still finding veteran grave sites. Our volunteers along with the Cemetery Commission and the cemetery staff have made a commitment to honor all our past veterans in all six public cemeteries. We need your help! Please contact us ASAP if you should find a sodiers grave site with out a flag during the Memeorial day holiday.

If you would like a flag holder, we do offer a very nice aluminum flag holder here.

To search for a Veteran in our cemeteries click here!

Below: Please enjoy a few pictures depicting our resolve and efforts.

  A beautiful picture just before Memorial Day. This year the cemetery staff went up and straighten up all the standing stones in that memorial.

  Some people from the Cemetery Friends working along with voluteers, and Cemetery Commissioners cleaning up the veterans memorial section at the Forest Hill cemeteries.

   Our smallest and easily forgotton cemetery deep in the woods of Fitchburg. One of our volunteer Cemetery Commissioners treks out every year to place a flag(s) (in this case) to the ONE soldier buried there.

  We believe every single soldier is as important as the other! This year we put out a flag holder to ensure the flag does not hit the ground. Even though our commissioner offered to pay for the holder, the Cemetery Superintendent donated it for the cause. This picture may have been taken in 2010. Below is the last photo taken last weekend on 05/13/12

This is how it appears right now! These are the only three people buried here. Abijah and his two wives. Abijah was a Revolutionary war soldier.

  Abijah was the son of Phinehas and Mary Hartwell, and came to Fitchburg with his parents in 1765 when he was four years old.

  He married Olive Smith in 1805, who died a year later. Four years later he married his second wife, Sarah Gray in 1809 who lived until 1850. Out living her husband some 30 years.


A great shot from one of the dedication cerimonies held at the Laurel Hill cemetery.

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