Fitchburg, MA Cemeteries

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Hartwell Cemetery

The smallest of the six cemeteries, only three occupants.

A family plot from the eighteen hundreds. long forgotten until reborn again in the nineteen fifties.  

   A shaded, overgrown bridle path from Scott Road leads to this spot. This small lot enclosed by a rambling stone wall, is completely surrounded by tall pines. With the exception of chirping birds, and wind rustling through the evergreens there is complete quiet.

   The graves are almost in the center of the lot, which is clear except for a couple scattered old oaks. There are three grave stones. Abijah's; his first wife Olive; and his second wife Sarah. Abijah died April 10 1820 at the age of 58. His first wife, Olive died July 07, 1806, at the age of 33. His second wife Sarah, lived to 78. She died June 15, 1850.

All the cemeteries are open from dawn to dusk everyday.

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