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Forest Hill Cemetery

This one of six cemeteries we have here in Fitchburg. This is the only active one too.

  In 1918: The Security Mausoleum Company, secured the Public Burial grounds of Fitchburg, Massachusetts from the Trustees of the Public Burial grounds. Also secured was a franchise to build a community mausoleum in the Forest Hill Cemetery.   The Trustees took this step only after due consideration, and a thorough investigation of these buildings. Their main concern was the longevity of these buildings. How they would stand up in a climate similar to that of New England, and in other places in the country.   It was, indeed, an important step.   It was a tribute to their foresight and sagacity to be the "first city in New England" to adopt this modern form of  burial.

We have a gallery to view the beautiful interior of the Mausoleum at Forest Hill here. To the GALLERY!

All the cemeteries are open from dawn to dusk everyday.

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