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Dean Hill Cemetery

  This one of six cemeteries we have here in Fitchburg. This is one of the oldest.Dean Hill was the most flourishing part of Fitchburg In 1820. The Crown Point Road between Vermont and Boston passed over this hill. In 1785 this section wanted to be set off from the town of Fitchburg, and with a part of Westminster to be made into a separate town. But this was not accomplished. However, the people living here constructed a meeting house for themselves called "The Lord's barn" which was in use from 1788-1825. At the town meeting in 1800 it was voted to chose a committee to take a Deed in behalf of the Town of Fitchburg one acre of land belonging to Mr. Jacob Upton for a burying yard, and when Westminster has the Deed they will wall in the yard.

  The stone in this picture is the original, and used to have a gate attached. This also had a brass plate bolted where it now reads "Dean Hill". The Friends of Fitchburg Cemeteries Association, through donations, was able to restore this grave yard and get "Dean Hill Cemetery" engraved permanently as seen today. On the Friends page you will see how they found it, and some of the work that was done to restore it.

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