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Columbarium Information and Options

An alternative solution:

  Our columbarium niches for cremated remains are designed and built by professionals educated and experienced in material and structural engineering. Engineering is extremely important for a columbarium because it must last for generations.

  This state-of-the-art polished mahogany granite columbarium accommodates double wide niche sizes, yet is affordable and practicle.

This is the first of many columban'a designated for this area. Scroll down to view the concept.

We offer cremation urns in your choice of color tones here!

We also offer a Cremated Remains Presentation package here!

Direct order forms PDF or DOC version.

Prices, options, and all the order forms can be found here! 

What is Columbarium?

  A columbarium is a permanent resting place for cremated remains. Columbarium is a Latin word for dovecote or nesting place for doves. The dove of peace, has been associated with the Resurrection. Early Christians in Rome used the term to describe the catacombs where they not only interred their dead but also sought refuge and shelter for worship during times of prosecution. In a columbarium, cremated remains of the human body are placed in wall-recessed compartments called niches.

See the concept for future consideration.

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